Oracle Identity Manager: Essentials


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This course teaches you how to implement identity management solutions with Oracle Identity Manager. Learn the importance, benefits, values, terminology and functional aspects of identity management.

Learn To:

  •     Create, load and manage Oracle Identity Manager organizations, roles and users.
  •     Import and use predefined Oracle Identity Manager connectors.
  •     Use manual and automated provisioning workflows to provision users to a resource.
  •     Provision users to disconnected resources.
  •     Access and configure Oracle Identity Manager reports using Oracle BI Publisher.
  •     Install, configure and launch Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2.

Benefits to You:

Secure your organization's critical applications and sensitive data to lower operational costs. Manage the entire user identity life cycle across all enterprise resources.

Identity Governance Infrastructure

You'll learn about the Identity Governance infrastructure and the suite of Oracle Identity Management products.

After you deep dive into the tiers of the Oracle Identity Manager architecture, you'll then learn how to install, configure and launch Oracle Identity Manager.

Create & Manage Roles & Users

This course teaches you how to create and manage organizations, roles and users. You'll also learn how to customize and save searches in Oracle Identity Manager.

Instructors will explain redefined connectors in the Oracle Identity Manager Connector Pack, ways to transfer connectors from one environment to another and tools used to import and export connectors: Manage Connector and Deployment Manager.

Customize User Interfaces

The course also teaches you how to customize the Oracle Identity Manager Web-based user interfaces. Learn how to migrate an Oracle Identity Manager configuration from a test to production environment, using the Deployment Manager, MDS Utility and the Test-to-Production (T2P) utility.


Explore how to troubleshoot common problems that administrators may encounter. You'll also develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between the 3 products that make up the Oracle Identity Governance Suite: Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Analytics and Oracle Privileged Account Manager.