Oracle Spatial: Essentials


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The course extensively covers the concepts and usage of the native data types, functions and operators available in Oracle Spatial for implementing geospatial applications and location-based services.

Using the Oracle Application Server MapViewer, students learn how to render maps and view geospatial data managed by Oracle Spatial or Locator. Students also get introduced to basics of geocoding and routing concepts.
Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts.

The Oracle Spatial: Essentials course is applicable to both 10g and 11g audiences.

Learn to:

  •     Load geometries into spatial layers
  •     Create spatial layers by using the SDO_GEOMETRY data type
  •     Employ spatial operators and functions to generate and access 2D geometries
  •     Setup and demonstrate Oracle Maps
  •     Run spatial queries to perform spatial analysis
  •     Use MapViewer and the Map Builder tool to render maps