PostgreSQL Introduction for Programmers NOVO


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PostgreSQL is possibly the most advanced relational database today that is simultaneously multi-platform, high performance, scalable, interface with several application technologies, with open source, with a long-term support community, and without licensing costs. .

Your domain is an asset for any business that wants to take advantage of these characteristics.


    Getting Started with PostgreSQL
    Relational Databases and SQL Concepts
    Data Modelling
    Advanced DML and DDL
    Extensibility and PL/pgSQL
    Advanced Topics

Getting Started with PostgreSQL

    Overview: What is PostgreSQL ? (History and current architecture)
    Official Site (Downloads, Documetation, related projects, etc)
    Installing PostgreSQL (on Linux and MacOS) and EnterpriseDB (on Windows)
    Essential Administration to Get Started

Relational Databases and SQL Concepts

    Applications and Relational Databases
    Database Data Structure
    SQL – Structured Query Language
    SQL Statements (DML SELECT, Natural Joins, other DML and DDL)

Data Modelling

    Relational Data Modelling Disciplines, Notations and Tools (Normalization, ER, UML static model, etc)
    Object-to-Relational Mapping Introduction by Example (theory only)
    PostgreSQL Data Types, Built-in Functions and Sequences

Advanced DML and DDL

    Set Operations and Subqueries
    Outer Joins
    Window Functions

Extensibility and PL/pgSQL

    User defined SQL functions
    User defined PL/pgSQL procedures

Advanced Topics

    Import/Export to text files
    Introduction to query performance tuning (EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE)
    Multiversion concurrency and VACUUMDB