MySQL for Developers


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MySQL for Developers


The MySQL for Developers training course teaches developers you how to develop console and web applications using MySQL with your choice of the PHP, Java, or Python programming languages. Expert Oracle University instructors will guide you through realistic hands-on activities in which you will learn how to use Connectors to access MySQL databases, query the database effectively, present data in different formats, and how to use MySQL's support for JSON and spatial data.

Learn to:

    Program with Connectors
    Write console and web applications
    Optimize query performance
    Write stored routines and triggers
    Store, access, and analyze geospatial data
    Use X DevAPI to access JSON data in document store

Benefits to you:

This course will teach you how to write applications that maximize your investment in MySQL. You will learn best practice techniques for writing programs that store and retrieve MySQL data and present it to users in a way that allows them to gain insight into that data.


    Introduction to MySQL
    Connectors and APIs
    Using Connectors
    Prepared Statements
    Handling Errors and Warnings
    Building Database-Driven Web Applications
    Tables and Views
    Working with Strings
    Working with Numeric and Temporal Data
    Optimizing Queries
    Stored Routines
    Triggers and Scheduled Events
    Spatial Data
    JSON Data
    Document Store

        Create MySQL client programs in PHP, Java, and Python using Connectors
        Use prepared statements to execute similar queries with different parameters
        Protect against SQL injection using prepared statements
        Interpret and handle errors and warnings
        Create database-driven web applications
        Work with views
        Manipulate string data with functions and operators
        Use temporal and numeric functions in expressions
        Use transactions to group multiple SQL statements into an atomic operation
        Identify and optimize poorly performing queries
        Write stored routines, triggers, and scheduled events
        Aggregate and summarize data to create reports
        Store spatial and JSON data using MySQL native data type
        Query and manipulate spatial and JSON data using functions and operators
        Store JSON documents using MySQL Document Store
        Use X DevAPI to access document store and relational data


Developing simple web applications using PHP, Java/JSTL, or Python Basic HTML Knowledge of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)