Migrating Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud NOVO


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The “Migrating Your Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud” course teaches you how to migrate your On-Premises Oracle Database to Oracle Database Cloud.

It's ideal for experienced DBAs who want to learn about the migration techniques to Oracle Database Cloud Service using RMAN, Data Pump, Unplug/Plug, Remote Cloning, and SQL Developer. Lessons are reinforced with hands on labs and use cases on advanced migration methods using Data Guard, GoldenGate and Lift & Shift.

Learn To:

  • Analyze and compare your source and target environments.
  • Migrate PL/SQL objects, tables, and views by using SQL Developer.
  • Use the unplug/plug method to migrate an on-premises database to Database Cloud Service.
  • Clone an on-premises database into a Database Cloud Service CDB.
  • Explore the RMAN backup and restore mechanism.
  • Identify the cloud tooling features available for database administration.
  • Describe advanced migration methods using Data Guard, GoldenGate and Lift & Shift.

Benefits to You

You will benefit from interactive sessions that cover these areas:

Database Deployment

Expert Oracle University instructors will provide an overview of what the Oracle Public Cloud offers in terms of services. Learn how to sign in to an Oracle Public Cloud account and create a database deployment. With this you can setup test/dev environment on Oracle Database Cloud Service.


Develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of migrating an on-premises database to Oracle Database Cloud Service. Review migration methods, including RMAN, Data Pump, unplug/plug, remote cloning, and SQL Developer. Furthermore, learn migration using advanced methods including Oracle Data Guard, Golden Gate and Database Lift & Shift. With this you can plan your cloud migration strategy and also create secure and reliable database deployments.

Cloud Tooling

Finally, you'll learn how Cloud Tooling will assist you in database patching, backup/recovery and monitoring. This will help you better manage your administrative tasks and also improved SLAs.

Ideal for experienced DBAs

This course is ideal for experienced DBAs who are looking to enhance their skills to become Cloud Migration experts. Taking this hands-on training will prepare DBAs for Cloud DBA certification exams.