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This Oracle Database Cloud for Oracle DBAs training teaches you how to administer the Oracle Database Cloud Service. It's ideal for existing DBAs who want to learn how to administer Oracle Database in the cloud.

Learn To:

Benefits to You

You will benefit from interactive instruction that covers these three areas:

Database Deployment

Expert Oracle University instructors will provide an overview of what the Oracle Public Cloud offers in terms of services. Learn how to sign in to an Oracle Public Cloud account, create a database deployment and learn how to delete, stop, restart, patch and upgrade a database deployment.

Furthermore, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to add storage for the database deployment, containers, and perform on-demand backup and recovery operations. Instructors will deep-dive into security information, which includes configuring network access rules from tools and other database deployments, managing database deployment security at the compute node and the database levels, managing encryption of data at rest and in transit, and auditing the operations performed on the database deployment.


Develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of migrating an on-premises database to Oracle Database Cloud Service. Review migration methods, including RMAN, Data Pump, unplug/plug, remote cloning, and SQL Developer.


Finally, you'll learn what can be tuned in a database deployment, along with how to use the DBaaS Monitor. Instructors will focus on the Waits, Sessions, and Alerts section, as well as how to access Enterprise Manager Database Express and use the Performance Hub and Tuning Advisor. You'll also walk away with the ability to scale the database deployment to get more CPU and RAM resources.

Ideal for DBAs

This course is ideal for existing DBAs who are looking to enhance their skills to become cloud DBAs. Taking this hands-on training will prepare DBAs for Cloud DBA certification exams.

    • Sign in to Oracle Database Cloud Service.
    • Deploy an Oracle Database 12c Release 2 environment.
    • Manage different areas of database administration such as storage, backups, recovery, security, performance and monitoring through the Oracle Database Cloud Service consoles and Cloud tooling.
    • Migrate on-premises databases to Oracle Database Cloud Service.
    • Create, delete, stop, restart, patch and upgrade a database deployment.
    • Monitor the database deployment by using the DBaaS Monitor utility.
    • Manage users at all levels (Oracle Cloud Service, compute node and database).