Siebel 8.0 Essentials


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This Siebel 8.0 Essentials training helps you develop a deeper knowledge of Siebel CRM applications architecture, functionality and configuration. Siebel Essentials is a comprehensive, technical course designed for implementation team members involved in the installation, configuration or administration of Siebel CRM applications.

Learn To:

  •     Describe the Siebel application architecture.
  •     Configure a Siebel application.
  •     Automate business rules in your Siebel application.
  •     Populate and migrate data into the Siebel database.
  •     Migrate data between environments.
  •     Navigate the Siebel application user interface.
  •     Migrate data between development and test environments.
  •     Execute server administration tasks.

Benefits to You

You'll develop a sound understanding of Siebel CRM, including architecture, navigation, key business flows, functionality and configuration. You'll have the skills to smoothly configure and start using a Siebel application, helping your organization quickly realize the full value of Siebel CRM.

Participate in Hands-On Exercises

Through hands-on labs, you'll learn about Siebel application navigation, data manipulation and queries. You'll also explore the fundamental architectural concepts and structures of Siebel CRM applications, including data access control, data exchange mechanisms, work process and business logic automation capabilities. Understanding Siebel CRM application design and functionality is essential to effectively execute and maintain a

Perform an Initial Siebel Deployment

This course also teaches you how to perform the major tasks required for an initial Siebel deployment, including configuring a Siebel CRM application. During the hands-on labs, you'll use Siebel Tools to create a configured Siebel CRM application, as well as perform an initial data load for the configured application.