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This Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls for Developers training teaches you how to use Oracle Database application features to meet the security, privacy and compliance requirements of your organization, as the current regulatory environment requires better application security at the database level. You'll learn how to secure access to your database applications, while using database features that enhance data access and confidentiality.

Learn To:

  • Enumerate Oracle security solutions to meet application security requirements.
  • Define application contexts (locally and accessed globally).
  • Control the data access using Virtual Private Database and Oracle Label Security.
  • Build secure applications using Real Application Security.

Benefits to You

Taking this course gives you a chance to engage in hands-on practices and demonstrations that will teach you how to use preventive control features of Oracle Database. As a result, you can secure your applications using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control or other simple tools like SQL*Plus. Furthermore, you'll develop expertise using the following security features of the database: Application Context, Fine Grained Access Control, Virtual Private Database, Oracle Label Security, and Real Application Security. You'll also become familiar with implementing suggested Oracle solutions for common problems.