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This Enterprise Manager Cloud Control training is a foundation course. Expert instructors will help you explore the core functionality of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control through interactive instruction and hands-on exercises.

Learn To:

  •     Monitor the overall health of your Cloud Control system.
  •     Manage targets, hosts and groups.
  •     Use the job system to create and manage jobs to automate commonly performed tasks.
  •     Use Information Publisher to generate custom reports.
  •     View, search and compare configurations.
  •     Manage incidents and deployments.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you will discover how Oracle Enterprise Manager can help your organization streamline IT management processes and guide you in your transformation to the cloud. You will learn how your organization can realize a 10-20% productivity increase due to labor cost savings resulting from cloud lifecycle management features. You will also see how Enterprise Manager can provide up to ten times faster provisioning of applications in enterprise private clouds.

Manage an Enterprise-Computing Environment

After a brief review of the underlying architecture, you'll learn to use Cloud Control to manage an enterprise-computing environment. Become familiar with executing tasks like managing and monitoring Cloud Control, managing hosts, groups, systems and services, monitoring targets, using the job system and Enterprise Manager reporting tools, viewing and comparing configurations and managing compliance.