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This Cloud Services Administration training teaches you how to activate and manage Oracle Cloud services using My Account and My Services applications. Whether you take this course in person, in the classroom, or online, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how this solution can greatly benefit your business.

Learn How To:

  • Use My Account to activate your Oracle Cloud orders
  • Create other identity domain administrators or account administrators
  • Monitor service usage across identity domains and data centers
  • Use My Services to perform advanced administrative functions
  • Create users, assign roles and manage passwords
  • Customize dashboards and create service instances
  • Configure alert rules to monitor metrics
  • Export metric data for a specific identity domain
  • Activate different types of services
  • Perform other monitoring functions related to the services they activate

Benefits to You

By taking this lecture-only seminar, you'll empower yourself as a Cloud administrator with enough Oracle Cloud administration knowledge to activate, manage, and monitor Oracle Cloud services and users in your company.

Introduction to Oracle Cloud

Account Administration

Identity Domain Administration

Service Administration

  • Use My Services to create alert rules to monitor resource usage for the Integration Cloud service.
  • Download metrics report for an instance of the Integration Cloud service.
  • Lock the Database service.
  • As a service administrator, log in to My Services to view and monitor service details and create instances for your entitlement for your domain.
  • Associate related services.
  • Use My Services to enable single sign-on.
  • Activate three services, one each for nonmetered service, metered service, and entitlement from My Account.
  • Create identity domain administrators from My Account for the activated services.
  • As an identity domain administrator, create other users for the activated services from My Services
  • Export user data and import a batch of users.
  • Use My Services to monitor usage of Compute service and use the graphs to view hourly data.

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